Best way for getting awesome Boy Hair Cuts, we have to use different products for styling to get our desired look. There are so many hair products in the market. There are so many bad and good quality products available in market. So today we will give you information about which product is good for hair’s health and how to use then.Boy Hair Cuts Complete coverage is important to protect the scalp and hairline from irritation for having Boy Hair Cuts.


In many cases a conditioner filler is required before the chemical relaxer can be used. The conditioner-filler, usually a protein product, is applied to the entire head of hair when dry. It protects over-porous or slightly damaged hair from being over processed on any part of the hair shaft. It even out porosity of the hair shaft, and permits uniform distribution and action of the chemical relaxer. To give complete benefits from the conditioner-filler, rub it gently onto the hair from the scalp to the hair ends, using either the hands or a comb. Then towel dry the hair or use a cool dryer to completely dry the hair. Avoid the use of heat, which will open the pores of the scalp and cause irritation or injury to the client’s scalp. Protective gloves must be worn by the cosmetologist to prevent damage to hands.



Divide the head into four or five sections, in the same manner as for the application of the protective base. The processing cream is applied last to the scalp area and hair ends. The body heat will speed up the processing action at the scalp. The hair is more porous at the ends and may be damaged. In both these areas, less processing time is required, and, therefore, the relaxer is applied last. There are three methods in general use for the application of the chemical hair relaxer: the comb method, the brush method and the finger method.


Remove a quantity of relaxing cream from the jar. Beginning in the back right section of the head, carefully part off 1⁄4” to 1⁄2” (.66 to 1.25 cm) of hair, depending on its thickness and curliness. Apply the relaxer with the back of the comb, starting 1⁄2” to 1” (1.25 to 2.5 cm) from the scalp, and spread to within 1 ⁄2” of the hair ends. First apply the relaxer to the top side of the strand. Then, raise the subsection and apply the relaxer underneath. Gently lay the completed strand up, out of the way. Complete the right back area and, moving in a clockwise direction, cover each section of the head in the same manner. Then go back over the head in the same order, applying additional relaxing cream, if necessary, and spreading the relaxer close to the scalp and up to the hair ends. Avoid excessive pressure or stretching of the hair. Smoothing the cream through the hair not only spreads the cream, but also gently stretches the hair into a straight position. An alternate technique is to begin application at the nape, approximately 1” (2.5 cm) from the hairline, and continue toward the crown. The last place to apply relaxer in Boy Hair Cuts towards the hairline. Be guided by your instructor’s and the manufacturer’s instructions.


The brush or finger method of applying the relaxer to the hair is the same as the comb method, except that a color applicator brush or the fingers and palms are used instead of the back of the comb. Wear protective gloves.


While spreading the relaxer, inspect its action by stretching the strands to see how fast the natural curls are being removed. Another method of testing is to press the strand to the scalp using the back of the comb or your finger. Examine the strand after your finger is removed. If it lies smoothly, the strand is sufficiently relaxed; if the strand reverts or “beads” back away from the scalp, continue processing for getting best Boy Hair Cuts.


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