It does not matter what type of hair you have even Black curly hairstyles. You can make different beautiful styles with every type of hair you have. Styles for curly black hair are amazingly creative and beautiful.  African American women hair are very thick and beautiful. Hair does need special care and treatment to look classy and elegant. Long loose curls for short or long hair have been in fashion for a long time, so it is the time to modify your style and look trendy style of 2016. Following are the black curly hairstyles which will look stylish and classy.

Long loose waves Black curly hairstyles

Long loose waves are perfect for long curly hair. If your hair are very long in length and very curly so then just comb your hair and get the loose wavy hair. Your appearance will surely look beautiful. The hairstyle goes from your casual to formal look, and you can wear the hairstyle for any occasion. Just pair your style with a casual outfit.

Black curly hairstyles

If you have a party to attend or going for the formal occasion then straight your short hair and make loose waves at the end of your hair. You will surely look elegant. You can style your hair with hot rollers or styling rod. Women with short hair look fantastic in the short loose waves.

Vintage curls

The classic vintage style is best for the long black hair. The style is inspired from the era 1940. Use a hot curl iron with thick rod and make curls at the end of your hair. Only brush your hair and keep your hair away from your face. Use red lipstick with this vintage style and get a dramatic look for the event.

Upswept waves

It is one of the standard black curly hairstyles which quickly set up with styling product. You just have to make loose tropical waves which can be achieved with a curling iron. Girls having light hair shades looks gorgeous in this style. Do not comb or brush your hair after making waves.  Tie up your hair from the top then.


Ringlets look beautiful on short or long haircuts. If you want to go for a party or attend your friend’s engagement, then use a curling wand with a thin rod to make ringlets. Either just open up your hair or tie them up for a messy look you will be a gorgeous lady of the evening and will win the hearts of many. Girls with dark skin and with pink shade lipstick appear to be dramatic. The hairstyle goes both with the formal and casual look.

Tree braids

The hairstyle looks great on the girls who want to keep their black curly hairstyle for the event. The combination of braids and curls gives an excellent look. If you have shoulder length hair, then you will get a modern and sleek look. Just make braids from the top of your hair and loose wavy hair from the bottom. You will be ready to go for a delightful evening.


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