So as we see hairstyles in 2015. Lets take a look at the present Boy Haircut Styles of 2016. As we’re seeing in a proper way from the best barbers in the world that may definitely carry new styles on new year. What you see during the upcoming holiday and occasion and look into new year coming up with long hair haircuts with spiky touch on top. This will probably be mixed with short sides together with high fades and low fades with or with out half or simply cut short with sheer for a getting extra natural look.


The pompadour style always a popular men hairstyle throughout the last year. But the extra classic style that was slicker again with small maintain pomaded and more shine can be seen with less maintenance. Except for those guys who like short hair on the shorter side. Now we are seeing extra fashionable variations of the pomp which can be longer and blown dry to give some big hair types with motion.

How to get latest 

Boy Haircut Styles ?

It helps when you go to hairstylist that you just already familiar with, but when you have to discover a new hairstylist, ask your friends or coworkers for recommendations. Show pictures to hairstyles that you want and ask your hairstylist if the look will suites on your face or not. Always remember what sort of cut you want, so to remind your hairstylist in future appointments or ask for something. If you just like the cut, make sure you tip nicely to barber. This will increase his intrust for next time. You must also ask your hairstylist for maintenance and styling tips. They’ll have the ability to point you in the right path for what products to use and how usually to get trims on time because this is only the way to get boy haircut styles.

How to Part my hairs?

When you are deciding where to place your half, think about your face type and your natural. If you could have a spherical face, do not half your hair within the center it is going to affect the roundness of face. If you might have a sharp jaw and excessive cheekbones then a part that’s far to one side will highlight these qualities. In basic, an element that is just a few inches off towards center will works properly for most people. Now check your hairstyle by your self first. You can use your fingers into your hairs or you can use comb to part your hairs. Always keep in mind that fingers combing will result in a waiver, extra natural look to Boy Haircut Styles, whereas utilizing a nice  comb will make your hairstyle more and structured.

Hairstyle for new Year Party:

If you’re going to a proper event, similar to any party or a marriage or a New Year Party then you might want to ask someone for styling help for the occasion. Ask your skilled stylist, a father or mother, and even your date may be able to provide ideas for what would look good on you.




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