In 2016 Boys Hair Styles with Long hairs looks gorgeous on round faces because it lengthens the face for setting. If you have a round face, your best cuts will fall a few inches below the chin and longer. Too much hair length will make your face appear even longer.
And Short haircuts are tricky on round faces because many short cuts add width to the sides of the faces. If you like short hair, avoid short layers that add volume on top. Boys Hair Styles
A loose twist, not pulled tight on the sides. Add some curl to achieve loose volume through the side w/o too much height on the top. Frigg beings will break up the length of the face.
A long bob with plenty of layers. The layers will add body and prevent the style from lengthening the face.
Your full face is also called water shaped and conveys your sensitive and caring nature. You often have stable relationships .


DARK BROWN HAIRS conveys you are a seductive and proud person but your confidence can put off people.
BLONE HAIRS conveys you have a great memory and youthful demeanor but are very impressionable.
BLACK HAIRS conveys you are quite calm until the occasion calls for your party nature but can be pessimistic.
LIGHT BROWN HAIRS conveys you are a romantic at heart, but you are often the responsible one in your group of friends.
RED HAIRS conveys you are courageous energetic and strong-willed but can be quarrelsome.
Face shape shouldn’t be the only factor you think about before deciding what new hairstyle to implement. However, your face shape can either make or break that new look as well.
Your face is neither round nor angular, but oval and balanced. This is the most common face shape. It conveys that you are calm and objective. Most of all, you are an open book with people you trust.
Also known as the inverted triangle face of Boys Hair Styles, curves define a heart shape, which begins broadly at the forehead and cheeks, and then rounds down into a pointed chin. Your face says you are philosophical analytical and a strong desire ti acquire knowledge. You dislike outdoor jobs.
Best feature of Long hairs is that with attention concentrated at the lop, it’s best to balance proportions by capturing and moving the viewer’s eye further down the face. While short hairs will show your best feature you cheekbones.

Which style looks good on Long

Boys Hair Styles:

Add some wave to the hair and wear a low loose chignon towards the nape or pulled slightly to one side. Levan some loose pieces out. This will add width to the narrower bottom portion of the face. Avoid height on the crown. Wear a side part. Bangs and wisps on the face. Or, half up half down, keeping the down part full. Length of the face of Boys Hair Styles.

Short Boys Hair Styles:

Loose, flowing waves soften angles on the bottom of the face and the side swept bangs narrow the forehead.
If you are daring then try a pixie cut. It will highlight your cheekbones and eyes by allowing the natural contours of the heart-shaped face to take center stage. Avoid slicing the hair back. Achieve some type of volume just below the ear such as loose curls for making Boys Hair Styles.


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