Boys Haircuts Long style have a lot of variety now a day. Hairs cover the whole body – except for the palms of your hands, the soles of your feet, your lips and parts of the genital organs. What’s more, three different types of hairs cover your scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, nostrils, ears, face and body.Boys Haircuts Long

Type 1: These are soft, fine, downy hairs found on the face and body of unborn babies. They are replaced with villus and terminal hairs around 7–8 months into the pregnancy.

Type 2: These are fine, soft and downy. They are found on the face and body. They have shallow follicles, and are usually pigmented. They can be stimulated to produce terminal hairs.
Type 3: terminal. These are long and course, and mostly pigmented. They have deep-seated follicles and are found on the scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes and pubic regions.
There are three stages of hair growth. Anagen is the active stage where hair growth takes place. Catagen is the changing stage where the hair detaches from the base of the follicle and the bulb. Telogen is the resting stage of the follicle before the start of new hair growth.


Layer 1: the cuticle. This is the outer layer. It has overlapping transparent scales and protects the other layers.
Layer 2: the cortex. This is the middle layer. It makes up the bulk of the hair and gives it strength and elasticity. This is where pigment cells are found.
Layer 3: the medulla. This is the centre layer. It is not always present in very fine hair. The function of this layer is unclear.
These are depressions in the skin shaped to fit the hair within Boys Haircuts Long. At the base of the follicle is the bulb, and attached to the side is the sebaceous gland, which opens out into the follicle. Also attached to the follicle is the arrester pili muscle, which contracts and closes the follicle opening. This can happen when we are scared (it gives us goose bumps!). It also helps us to maintain body heat if the temperature gets colder. The dermal papilla, or matrix, is the lower part of the bulb. This is where new cells are made there is a rich blood supply to bring nutrients and oxygen, leading tomitosis. Sebaceous and sweat glands Sebaceous glands are where sebum, which keeps the skin and hair
soft and supple, are found. They are all over the body except for you palms and soles. They can open in follicles or onto skin’s surface. If the gland produces too much serum the hair and scalp will be very greasy. If it produce too little, the hair and scalp will be very dry. Sweat glands produce sweat to hydrate the skin and keep the body cool.


This section looks at everything that needs to be considered before making a decision about styling a client’s hair. We all have different types of hair, shapes of face, length of body and so on. And we all have different reasons for wanting certain hair styles – parties, wedding day, or even because of our jobs. A good stylist or barber will also consider their
client’s age, lifestyle, culture and perhaps even faith. A client will get the best results if all these things are carefully thought about before the scissors and straighteners ever appear for Boys Haircuts Long Style.


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