Firstly take a look at Hair Styles For Boys that their natural hairs it seem life less or boring or intrusting? Than take look at your hairstyle within the mirror and take a look on your pals and work colleagues-also don’t forget to ask your barber for advice. The next step is to find out your own hair color,Hair Styles For Boys If you don’t know this than here is a good tip that boys can typically be the very best in deciding the hair color, as a result of they will generally be cool. Once you’ve worked out that how your hair color is, try thinking of shades which are act good in your thoughts.

How to get cool Hair Styles For Boys?

When the hair is thoroughly rinsed, neutralize the hair as directed by your instructor. Most manufacturers provide a neutralizing shampoo that is applied to the hair after rinsing. Completely saturate the hair with the neutralizing shampoo. Beginning at the nape, carefully comb with a wide-tooth comb, working upward, toward the forehead. Use the comb to keep the hair straight. Make sure complete saturation with the neutralizing shampoo. Remove any tangles without pulling.
Time the neutralizer as directed and rinse thoroughly. Shampoo again to bring pH down to a safe level. Towel blot gently. Condition hair and proceed with styling. Discard used supplies. Cleanse and sanitize equipment. Wash and sanitize hands. Complete record of all timings and treatments during the service, and file the record card.
Note: Different products used for relaxing require different methods. Always follow the manufacturer’s directions.

How To Apply Conditioner For Getting

Hair Styles For Boys ?

Many manufacturers recommend that you apply a conditioner before setting the hair styles for boys, to offset the harshness of the sodium hydroxide in the relaxer and to help restore some of the natural oils to the scalp and hair.
Two types of conditioners available are:
1. Cream-type conditioners are applied to the scalp and hair, then carefully rinsed out. The hair is then towel dried. Apply setting lotion; set the hair on rollers; dry and style the hair in the usual manner.
2. Protein-type (liquid) conditioners are applied to the scalp and hair prior to haircutting and allowed to remain in the hair to serve as a setting lotion. Set the hair on rollers, dry, and style in the usual manner. Note: Because of the fragile condition of the hair, it is advisable to wind the hair on the roller without extreme tension.


Relaxed hair is in a weakened condition. To avoid hair breakage, excessive heat and excessive stretching should be avoided. Thermal curling with warm heat can be used to curl chemically relaxed hair. Conditioning treatments should be recommended and the hair dried completely before thermal curling. Soft curl permanent waving is a method of permanently waving overly curly hair. It is known by various names given by the manufacturers of the products.
The product used contains ammonium thioglycolate. Do not use on hair that has been treated with sodium hydroxide products. Do not use on hair that has been treated with metallic dye or compound henna into hair styles for boys.


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