Hair styling techniques and methods:

For Hairstyles For Short Hair Men looks at a range of hair styling techniques and methods. To begin with, there’s an explanation of shampooing and conditioning techniques. This is followed by details of styling techniques and finish for both men and women. Knowing all about these techniques and methods will be a great start to understanding what makes a
style work, and what makes it stay in place! Shampooing and conditioning A stylist or barber generally talks to their client before they make any decisions about styling or products. Then they prepare the hair an important part of getting the style discussed. Part of the preparation is shampooing and conditioning – making sure that the correct products are used for the client’s scalp and hair type. Shampooing and conditioning require specific massage movements, which are described below.Hairstyles For Short Hair Men

Petrissage or rotary. This is a deep kneading movement used when shampooing the hair. The pads of the finger are used to move the scalp and massage the upper neck, to relieve tension.

Effleurage. This is a light, even stroking movement that spreads the products all over the hair. During this process, the hands and fingers are moulded to the head. Effleurage is used as part of the massage routine when the conditioner has been applied.
Friction. For Hairstyles For Short Hair Men one hand supports the head and the other hand performs the movement. The stylist or barber applies pressure with fingertips and heal of hand to move the scalp up and down relieving tension.
Styling techniques and finish for men Even though most men generally have shorter hair than women, they can still have a range of styles and finishes. For example, their hair can be finger dried, which directs the airflow and creates movement. This kind of drying creates a soft, natural finish and gives root lift. Mousse could be used to help. The hair can also be dried using mousse, gel or blow dry spray and a hairdryer.

Hairstyles For Short Hair Men

What do you know about bobs? Using the Internet and textbooks research this style through the ages. You coul
look at when they were most popular, and the differenc between them (bobs can be sometimes longer at the fro
or one length). Think about how you could present your findings to a small group of people. You could create a mood board which gives examples and the history of each type of boy. When you have shown the group your mood board, try start a discussion about the differences of each bob. You could continue your work on bobs by researching
the tools, products and equipment needed to create each style. You could record this information on a table or diagram, or you could write the information on your mood board alongside each style.

It is important that you speak to your tutor/teacher/ practitioner if you ticked any red or amber boxes so that they can help you by:
directing you to some more resources such as books and websites, other specialists giving you one-to-one support and tutorial time to discuss your knowledge and progress covering the lesson again on this particular subject remember, if you ticked it maybe others did too. It will also help you to identify extra revision and study that you may need to carry out before your assessment for Hairstyles For Short Hair Men.


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