Plan Do Review learning cycle for cutting hort haircuts:

Short Haircuts For Boys will form the Review part of the learning cycle. Review learning and progress involves all of the following. Inviting feedback on the effectiveness of your hair styling services. Dealing positively with the feedback received. Assessing your abilities to create a hair style in light of the feedback received and based on your own appraisal. Identifying your strengths and areas for improvement. Setting goals, with success criteria, for further
development in hair-styling services. Supporting your conclusions with well-reasoned arguments. Remember, you may not be confident in a skill that you have learned or section of knowledge that you have covered. So that you are clear about exactly what you need further help with, you need to reflect on your learning so that you can identify whether you are ready to move onto the next subject. This will also provide evidence for Personal,
Learning and Thinking Skills of Short Haircuts For Boys.Short Haircuts For Boys

Short Haircuts For Boys

Reflect on your learning
Step 1 – Review your learning What didn’t I understand or fou difficult to do?
Step 2 – Take action I need to set extra time aside to go over my work again. I will ask my tutor or teacher for help.
Step 3 – Review again Have my knowledge and skills improved since Step 1? Am I more confident with the unit?
Am I ready to move on?

Self-assessment questions
Under each of the following headings try to ask yourself thre or more questions. The question must be your choice, not your tutor’s/teacher’s/practitioner’s or your friend’s, otherwise you will not be reviewing your own learning and experiences. The questions could be based on a practical or theory part of theunit, as these examples show.
1 Did I manage to master the practical skills to carry out a hairstyling treatment?
2 What could I improve on?
3 Where shall I look for help?
To each of the questions, you should also provide an answer, otherwise you will not be able to move on. If you can’t answer them straightaway you will need to find out, then act on the answers and review again to check about your learning of whole steps that are you able to implement all the steps on clients hairs with out making any mistake.

 Review learning and progress

In this unit you covered a range of information about hair styling from the different hair industries covering general stylists, African Caribbean stylists and barbers. In the table below tick the box that you think applies to your learning.
Red for stop and recap Amber for getting ready to move on Green for moving on to have Short Haircuts For Boys. Whole process will help you alot when you are doing haircutting, it will help you to increase intrust for all client who use to come to your shope for haircutting. Expecially behave well with young boys so they don’t have any problem to came to you for cutting. This will be the best practice for cutting and styling baby hairs.


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