How to get strawberry blonde hair color?

Strawberry Blonde Hair Color is very trendy now a days, it looks fantastic in summer because it gives natural shine look when you go in sun. It catches light and reflect light very beautifully which gives the beautiful reddish shiny color on hairs. It gives you natural mixing of colors shades which looks fruity and natural, and most of the time it suits on every blonde. Some people have reddish hair and some born with natural blond and some have already strawberry hair shade. While other people make such shades by their own.
Here are some steps which help you to get Strawberry blonde hair shade. Strawberry blonde hair color
First of all you have to decide which color is good for you. Usually blonde in strawberry stands for light hair color while reddish color dominate’s.
Almost all colors come up with endless shades which makes them stunning look. All shades of same color reflects light and that produce reddish spark which always give very warm and flattering look. Your choice of color depends upon which type of skin you have, it also depends upon your eye color and your face. If you have blue eyes then strawberry blond hair color will be the best color that suites you. It also have some light strawberry color and dark strawberry color. Well light strawberry is the best if you have very longer hairs and  hairs are thick and shiny. And if you have shorten brown hair with small length and red hair and fair skin then you must go for dark strawberry color. There are so many different shades of strawberry blond hair color which you can choose according to your choice and according to you eye color and face cut.
You have to buy some color shades from market. Then go to your washroom and open the packet of color which you bought from market. Mostly number behind the color tube is 8R it prints on the back of that color tube. There is also a developer come with color tube. Mix both of them with one qnd other in a bottle. Now put gloves on the hands and mix that mixture for some minutes. Usually it will take 1 minutes to mix. When the mixture will ready then apply it on your hairs. Start color from the mid of your head and then from center to top and then side to back of head. Usually it will take 5 minutes to implement color on your head. After applying color wait for 30 minutes to dry. After 30 minutes go and wash your hairs with medium water not too warm, and then dry your hairs. It will take 1 minute to rinse water out of your hairs. After that apply some conditioner in to your hairs.
You can wash your hairs every day, shade will not fade up very fast. You can wash your hairs twice a week also you can also have ponytail which falls over your shoulder. Ponytails always gives Glamour look if you going to have Strawberry Blonde Hair Color.


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