What Hair Color Is Best For Me Quiz is the most difficult;t question for girls of every age. Girls are more conscious about hairs than men. They spend most of their time on choosing the best color shade which suites more on them.What Hair Color Is Best For Me Quiz

What Hair Color Is Best For Me Quiz

Hair color product is absorbed differently depending on the variations of the hair fiber. These variations, including
diameter and porosity, are often found on the same head of hair. Hair is considered fine when the diameter of the hair shaft is smaller than average. Coarse hair has a diameter that is larger than average. Fine hair is most often a level 6 or lighter, and is generally far easier to change with a hair color service. This is because the cuticle layer is not as thick, and there is less melanin within the cortex. What Hair Color Is Best For Me Quiz of Hair that is coarse and a very dark natural color is far more difficult to change, especially if attempting to lighten the natural color with a color service. In this case, the hair usually has a thicker cuticle layer and a higher density of melanin. The darker and larger the diameter of the hair, the more difficult it is to change the natural color. The darker the natural level of hair, the more melanin that is concentrated in the hair shaft. The more melanin concentrated in the hair shaft, the less room there is available for artificial color molecules to develop, which is why it is sometimes necessary to per lighten hair. In reality we are making “room” for the development of new artificial color. Fine hair will saturate with color more easily than coarse hair because of less space, therefore appearing deeper in tone. The smaller the interior spaces, the closer the oxidized color molecules, thus the denser the color seems. A level 6 artificial color will appear darker on fine hair, whereas coarse hair will diffuse the color over a larger area. The larger interior spaces in coarse hair spread apart the oxidized color molecules and, therefore, the color may appear lighter. This is always most apparent when re-pigmenting hair that has naturally turned white.
• Fine hair will require 1/2 to 1 full level lighter in color than the target level.
• Coarse hair will require 1/2 to 1 full level darker than the target level.
This practice will help provide the desired finished level. Please keep in mind that the majority of clients will have medium textured hair that will not require any special treatment. It will only be the extremes of fine or coarse that need special attention. Another variable that will affect artificial hair color results is porosity. Hair in poor condition generally will have a more expanded cuticle layer and as a result will be more porous. This means that it holds more moisture when it is wet and takes an abnormal amount of time to dry. It will also absorb more chemical product than hair that is of normal porosity. Cosmetic chemicals such as hair color are designed to work in very particular circumstances is an alkaline hair color product that gently expands the cuticle layer, slightly swelling the hair shaft in preparation for oxidation of the dye intermediate of What Hair Color Is Best For Me Quiz.


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