Are you looking for a solution to get rid from oily hairs?

There are so many causes of oily hairs. Some times it happens when you not wash your hairs every day. If you wash your hair every day then oil from your hairs stripped out very quickly. Washing hair on every 2 days is very good for hairs. Thats why is want to know why is my hair so oily? Some time when you use low quality shampoo then it is unable to remove oil from hairs, even when you wash your hairs then you feel oil is still their. Thats why it is very important to use good quality shampoo.

There is also a kind of clarifying shampoo in market. You can use it one time in a month. This shampoo can easily remove grease oil from hairs, because this shampoo is specially made for this purpose.why is my hair so oily

Other problem can happen because of conditioners, because there is special method to use conditioners. For example you must  avoid by using it to the roots of hairs. Because it already have moisturizer in it which cause oily hairs. Conditioners are made for using on lower half of your hairs. Dont use it in to the roots of hairs. Most of the people use conditioners every day that is worst thing of causing oily hairs.

Some time they use the excessive amount of conditioner. Which is also not good for hairs. If your hairs are very oily then no need to apply conditioner.

Why is my hair so oily?

One other way to remove oil from hairs is to rinse hairs with the help of warm water. Warm water remove oily hairs from head but it is very hard to comb in hairs. Then you have to use small amount of vinegar at the end and also mix some water in it. You can also use lemon and apply on the roots of hairs. You can have apply lemon for 10 minutes in your hairs then wash your head with good shampoo. Repeat this step twice a week. Also brush your hairs every day. That will give neat and straight look to your hairs. You can also try dry shampoo, these are special kind of shampoo which come up in the form of powder, this can be the good thing to avoid oily hairs. Because it have less chemicals in it and also good for hairs.By follwoing steps can not say why is my hair so oily.

Some times when you want to style our hairs then we might use a large amount of gel that will also cause oily hairs and also gives greasy look. Sometimes we use some products to add shine to our hairs but unfortunately that also cause greasy look. That is why is my hair so oily..You need to have good brand for using such kind of products. Sometimes when we use straightener this may also cause damage to hairs. And to avoid that situation we also use some products to give hairs a shiny look. Always use good brand for using into hairs.

One most important thing to avoid oily hairs is of using paper towel. Always use cold water to rinse your hairs. By using all above steps you can easily control on oily hairs, and you will get healthy hairs by following all above steps.


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